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What is WP Documenter?

WP Documenter stands for Web Page Documentor. It is for web site developers and testers, but should be good as a learning tool for anyone wanting to easily see underlying CSS and javascript, and other HTML settings. This extension will display in an easy to read table format to current exact status of a web page, including any data already entered in forms by the user.

The idea for this came about that when a tester finds a problem with a web page, often it is difficult to pass along to the developers exactly what the problem was. Quite often the developer needs to know the date, time, hidden fields, data entered, and more. And often the tester has no idea what all that information was. This can be used to store every piece of pertinent information on a web page into a formatted document that can be printed or stored. With it, all necessary data can be passed back to the developer, making his job easier.

Of course, it can be used by developers as well. You can use it to quickly see what styles are in use from any style page, view all data settings, and more.

This is a work in progress, and any ideas on how to make it work better will be appreciated. As will any help in coding this monster, as I am very new to this.


This extension began as a little project to learn how to do macros with Firebird to fill in forms automatically. (I found that there were extensions built to do that already.) But, from that idea, I have learned how to read, and then display web page data. Then I saw how to format the data so only the important information (from a web page developer’s perspective) was displayed in an easy to read format. After that I decided why not learn how to add this functionality to the Firebird menu, and after that, build an interface so that the procedure could be customized. This lead to me learning how to work with XML & XUL (quite the learning experience). Well this has grown and grown, so the next logical step is to make this available to all users.

For the moment, you can check out the screenshots page. I will be posting a few images there to give you an idea of how it works.

Scott Bennyhoff

Note: If you want to add an area for user feedback to any of your pages, take a look at the notes.html template.