Author: Chase Miller

  1. Copy the mediaDownloader folder into the top directory of mozilla eg /mozilla/mediaDownloader/
  2. Create MakeFile:
    open mozilla/toolkit/
    Around line 459 add "mediaDownloader/Makefile" and save go back to the mozilla directory.
    which will generate the makefile mediaDownloader
  3. Install Component:
    this will build and install the component
  4. If Mac, you need to copy the two mediaDownloader files from the components folder into the folder the commands for this are:
  5. Install extension:
  6. If Mac, for some reason the mediaDownloader files from the components folder need to be recopied to the .app components folder so type again:
  7. Restart MinefieldDebug and the extension should be good to go.
  8. Default File Location:
    prefs are stored in default TEMP folder for your OS