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The Documoz project was started recently in response to frustration in attempting to explain the Mozilla project to new users. While the browser and other programs provide many powerful features, the names of the features often mean little to those who haven't used Mozilla before, and it's often difficult to discover exactly how to use these features best.

Because this is a new project, and because many Mozilla help sites exist, the site currently offers almost no content, but we are putting out the call to recruit people to write documentation, suggest what to explain, and provide screenshots explaining the features. Once the basic documentation is in place we hope to also create a "Tip of the Day" type extension for new users to point out some of the important features of Mozilla. Hopefully this will encourage the growth of the mozilla community by helping new users find out about and use the many capabilities built into mozilla.

A number of sites providing help do exist already- for example, on Mozdev there is the MozillaBook project, which also works to create a user's guide for mozilla, but in the format of a downloadable book. Other sites often aim to be less comprehensive, focusing on a particular favorite feature. We aim to gather together not only short and simple pointers on a particular topic, but also any useful samples of code or preferences (like using usercontent.css to block ads) that allow users to take advantage of Mozilla. This isn't a step by step book, either: each section should be able to stand alone in explaining the What, Why, and How of Mozilla's most useful features, from the well-known (like Tabbed Browsing) to the obscure (like user css files). Think of it as a combination of an FAQ, Cliff's notes for the user's manual, and code library in one.

Other Mozilla Help sites online

In order of randomness
Firebird Help- Provides a central resource for themes, extensions, documentation, and tips regarding Firebird, a program based on the Mozilla browser/newsreader/webpage maker/IRC chat package that offers the browser alone.
Unofficial Mozilla Help- Tips on installing and configuring mozilla, plus some background information.
Mozilla.org- The official Mozilla project web site has many useful articles, though not always easy to find. Each topic will contain links to relevant documentation on the mozilla.org site where available.
Mozillazine Forums- Discuss many aspects of development and problems using mozilla on these popular forums.
MozillaBook: A user's guide to mozilla- A completely unrelated project, this focuses on creating a downloadable book to take users step by step through using mozilla.

Disclaimer- Currently we are not affiliated with Mozilla.org, though should we be offered a large bag of money, this is subject to change. All tips and documentation are prepared from user experiences, but not guaranteed to work for you. As a result we do not recommend reading or using these tips while managing a nuclear power plant or operating heavy machinery; all problems should be reported to our bugs page or the Darwin awards, as appropriate.