These short notes are not meant to be a tutorial on the use of bugzilla. Read the bugzilla docs in order to learn about filing bugs (it's not that hard, really).

So, you now have a bugzilla account and you are ready to file a bug that involves localization. We ask you to follow very simple guidelines that help us keep track of bugs related to our activities. Here they are.

  1. Please insert in the summary of the bug the keyword "l10n" (case doesn't matter, quotes not needed; you could also put it between square brackets: "[l10n]", but this is not needed either). This simple little action will allow to link directly from here to predefined bugzilla queries that you already can see in the project's navigation bar (we have divided open bugs - new, assigned, reopened - from unconfirmed ones)
  2. Please add to the list of people who receive CCs about this bug the people who manage this web site: at the moment, they are
    qa-mozilla [at] hirlimann {dot} net
    cinemah [at] yahoo {dot} it
  3. If you are filing a bug related to a specific language, please specify this in the summary

Thank you for reading this and to spend a little part of your time to help us work better!