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Help documentation for Mozilla Calendar

The Calendar Help project aims to provide help documentation for end users of Mozilla Calendar:

How Calendar Help works

You normally install Calendar Help as an extension. It is also available online, but the online version is experimental and it has some limitations.

When you are using your Calendar application with the Calendar Help extension, there is a new item in the Help menu: Help Contents. This item opens a separate help window that contains the help, with a table of contents, index, search facility and glossary.

The F1 key (or Help key) opens the help if it is not already open, and switches to the topic that describes the element in the user interface that has keyboard focus.

Note: In some versions of Calendar, F1 switches to the Day view. After you install Calendar Help, F5 switches to the Day view.

For a picture of the prototype, see the screenshots page.

Current status

The current version of Calendar Help documents most of the user interface in Sunbird and Calendar extensions.

Note:   There is no relationship between the version numbers of Calendar Help, Sunbird, and the Calendar extension. The projects are not synchronized.

To download and install Calendar Help, see the Installation page.

You can find other information about Calendar in Mozilla Calendar's FAQ and in its newsgroup.

Calendar Help online

The online version of Calendar Help is experimental. It might be moved to a different web server, or withdrawn completely.

The online version is built from the same source text as the installable version. At times, the online version might contain more recent revisions than the installable version.

The online version has some limitations:

How you can help

This project needs reviewers and translators.

If you use Mozilla Calendar, and if you have a good understanding of how it works, then you can contribute to the project by reviewing one or more chapters. For more information, see the Join in page.

If you use Mozilla Calendar in another language, and if you can translate the English help into your language, then you can contribute to the project by translating one or more chapters. For more information, see the Join in page.

Relationship to other projects

The Calendar Help project overlaps parts of other proects, and it might conflict with them. But at this early stage, none of this is clear.