BrowserG! Installation for Windows


If the download doesn't start automatically, click here

The zipped file is self contained.  It includes jre1.3.0_01 and Mozilla.  In future,  we will provide a separate install for BrowserG! (without Mozilla and JRE) if you already have these files on your system.

You will now need to extract the zip file into C:\BrowserG and run the BrowerG.bat file.  For further details on this, see the following install and run instructions.  


Once you have unzipped the zip file in C:\BrowserG (you will see the addon, external, and resources directory installed under it.) Note, if you install it somewhere else you will have to modify the BrowserG.bat to point to the correct path.

You might need to do the following before you can run:

  1. Start DOS prompt.

  2. Go to the icon.

  3. Right click to open the Properties dialog.

  4. Go to Memory tab and increase all the memory options.

  5. Click Apply and Ok.


Double click the file BrowserG.bat file in the c:\BrowserG folder and you are ready to go!!
(Make a Shortcut and place it on your desktop or where ever you feel you will be able to use it more often.)

To install Plug-ins go out to new How to set up plug-ins in BrowserG!  web page.