Setup instructions for Bookie.

If you're just browsing or don't need to edit files directly, you can look at Bookie through the web interface.

If you want to contribute to Bookie or compile it, then you should grab a CVS client and set up a workspace for bookie.

You download bookie by doing this (you only need to login once, the password is guest).

 cvs -d login
 cvs -d co bookie

The database needs data in order to work. I wrote /scripts/ which takes in my bookmarks.html file from Netscape and pumps it into the database. The script relies on HTML::Filter and HTML::TokeParser may need to download from ActivePerl or CPAN.

You need to have a database set up with a database schema. Look in /sql/solid for an example schema. It's not too complicated.

You can start the server from the root directory with:
java bookie.xmlrpc.BookieServer -Dbookie.logging=./scripts/ -Dbookie.database=./scripts/

There's an Ant script in ./scripts/ which handles compilation and testing.

Right now, the only way you get useful data is with the test class ClientTest, which reads in the RDF to a memory model and writes out the answer to some queries (like 'what children does the root node have?'). More is on the way.