BBEcontainer is an add-on for Firefox , which allows you to edit documents on the local fie-system with your favourite browser-based editor, without having to install a web server on your computer.   all you need is firefox and a web-page-based editor,and you can create pages in WYSIWYG mode.

This add-on is meant mainly as an aid for web developers to create html documents visually; the add-on itself doesn't edit-its primary functionality is to load & save files from & to the disk.   After installation,the tools menu will contain an entry titled "BBEcontainer" ,which will create a new browser tab.
this tab has 3 components :
all loading & saving is done through the workarea -
the inner iframe ,inside the editor,which contains the document being edited.
using certain configuration options,BBEcontainer can locate the workarea in the editor and connect it directly to the local filesystem.


after you have downloaded the extension,
you have to decide which editors you want to use; download one,and unpack it somewhere on your computer.
then ,follow the next 2 steps:

  1. modify the editor

    due to some security-related changes in Firefox 3,an editor's code must undergo some additions
    in order to be able to communicate whith BBEcontainer
    more details:adjust editor
  2. configure BBEcontainer to use it

    in the extension's config dialog box,set some options to tell BBEcontainer how to find & use the editor.
    more details:configuration guide

download it here , then use the menu for more information.

For questions or comments about BBEcontainer, please send a message to the BBEcontainer mailing list.
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