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Source Code

Access source code

The bazil source code can be accessed in either of the following ways:
  • View the source using the CVS web interface
  • Check out the source using anonymous CVS with the following commands (password is guest):
    cvs -d :pserver:guest@mozdev.org:/cvs login
    cvs -d :pserver:guest@mozdev.org:/cvs co 


If you have made a contribution the make a patch of the file(s) and mail them to the project owner or create a bug (if none allready exsist) with the fix/rfe and post it there as an attachment.

Example to make at patch for bazil/filemanager/content/filemanager.xul (you have to be locatede within the project dir for diff to work):
cd bazil
cvs -d :pserver:guest@mozdev.org:/cvs diff filemanager/content/filemanager.xul > filemanager.xul.patch