What is Bazil

tumb of 20030307-1.png Bazil is a filemanager in development. Beyond just browsing files, it is intendet to be able to ftp, scp and more.
In time it will have the two-column view, well known from Midnight commander and Total Commander. Filetransfers (FTP etc.) should work like Leech FTP. But we are not there yet.

Meanwhile grab an alpha alpha build and try it out. Give some feedback about the UI, idears or other things crossing your mind.


A new version of Bazil is out (ver. and now with Firebird and Thunderbird support (Thanks Biju G. C.).
Benjamin Bock has joined the Bazil developerteam.

I'm reorganizing the website to move builds (xpi/bz2) to the download mirrors. And preparing the download section for Firebird and Thunderbird builds.

I have released a new version of Bazil with keyboard navigation and a statusbar, read the release notes
Apart from the new version you can also find a bash sript I made to package my project under Download/Stuff, others might be able to use this also... take a look and feel welcome to give me some feedback.
Last but not least I have made small changes and corrections to the homepage. Now the Bugzilla form/links should work.

Update I have used some hours now figuring out how the CVS crap works, so site have been quite unpredictable... sorry.
But now the new release is online.

Latest screenshot

tumb of 20030307-1.png

tumb of 20030226-1.jpg
Latest version
The latest version of Bazil Filemanager is and you can download it here.
For any kind of feedback contact project owner