Install / update

There are some install issues with Linux non-root user.
The browser won't start with a non-root user after install, uninstall to make it work again.

bazil.filemanager uses the jslib lib to work.
26.07.2003 - bazil.filemanager ver
Now Firebird and Thunderbird is supported!!
Benjamin has added some small stuff like an aboutbox and a shortcutkey to open Bazil in Mozilla.

Grab a build and try it
26.07.2003 - bazil.filemanager ver
New feature list:
  • Arrow navigation (not fully working :-/)
  • Added a statusbar where feedback comes instead of alert boxes
Now the parent directory is allways first in the list except if you are in the root directory. In a later release this will be referenced as .. instead of the parent directory name.
Keyboard navigation dosn't work when the file/directory list isn't focused.
The cool new statusbar removes the feedback message after 2 seconds.
Bazil available for:
07.03.2003 - bazil.filemanager ver
New feature list:
  • Browse filesystem
  • Rename file/directory
  • Delete file/empty directory
  • Create directory
A lot of the text have been placed in DTD files instead of the xul files, and the code have been rewritten alot. You can't go back in the filesystem, so you have to use the dropdown to get back to the root level.
Bazil available for:
01.03.2003 - bazil.filemanager ver
New feature list:
  • When adding af file to queue you can right click on it and get information about it (not complete)
Bazil available for:

Language packs

Currently only english (en_US) is supported.
  • Install / update
  • Language packs
  • Other stuff
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