At the moment there a nothing but bugs ;)
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ToDo before next release

List of things to make before the next release
  • Sort filecolumn (filename, type, size, date) This might mean that I have to alter the tree to RDF instead of a normal array... which probably makes performance much better.

Old ToDo releases
  • Arrow navigation
  • Browse filesystem
  • Locale files up2date
  • Add rename, remove and new directory to file-options
  • Update the documentation


  • The Guide/Howto should be made updateable with CVS (Docbook XML).
  • Multi-column fileview and switch with the TAB
  • Support for ftp
  • Support for scp
  • Preview files in sidepanel (images)
  • Advanced search


List of XUL files and which files they include as overlays and scripts and a small description of what they are. (Docbook XML)
A extra lib like jslib to convert dates to all kind of strings would be nice. (Allready made)
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  • ToDo
  • Whisliste
  • Documentation
  • Source