Welcome to the Banner Blind Mozilla project.
The goal of this project is to design a browser extension that hides the banners of any web site.


BannerBlind beta 3 released

Visit the installation section. And try it NOW!

Next Steps

  • Improove the UI, and options.
  • Tell the browser not to load the banners instead of just hide them
  • Improve the documentation
  • Release versions in another languages
  • Improve this website :)
If you have any suggestions on how to make it better, or if you can contribute with the project with anything, please be our guest =)

Here are my contacts:
Fabricio Campos Zuardi
email: fabricio@mamata.com.br
ICQ: 5013001
Yahoo Messenger: fzuardi

You can also drop a note here

Install Beta3 with inside frames banner hidding.
Install Beta2 with behavior chooser.
Try BannerBlind beta1 with User Interface!
IFRAME support implemented
XPI Install now available!!