Newest Build
The newest build of AutoCopy is version 0.4.1 Install

Autocopy Lite
If you want to run autocopy in mozilla, or you want to run autocopy without the statusbar button on firefox then get this one.
AutoCopy Lite ver 0.4.0 install

Older Builds
version 0.4 Install

version 0.3 Install

version 0.2 Install

version 0.1 Install

New Mouse Gesture
Get the autocopy mouse gesture. Now you can disable/enable autocopy with a simple mouse gesture. Works with version 0.1, 0.2, and 0.3. I've had to change it for version 0.3 so if your upgrading you'll need to get the new mouse gesture ToggleAutoCopy (9)

Here is my first mouse gesture. It dosn't requre AutoCopy. Select All Copy(3)