Aphrodite (formerly called Opensource User Interface) got its start after Mozilla released its new user interface and developers submitted their opinions to the different Mozilla newsgroups. One developer, Jeff Campbell, took the ideas that were being discussed and used them as a basis for creating a mockup of what he thought would be a better skin. At that point, Pete Collins took the mockup and built it into a working skin for Mozilla.

After Pete built out the first version of the skin, the Alphanumerica Mozilla development team took the opportunity to polish it and add a few new features. A designer tweaked all of the graphics, and Pete added a few things he had learned since he first worked on the skin.

Aphrodite has evolved into a full self-standing community driven browser project. Development is very active with 2 core engineers, 2 core spec writers in addition to feature, bug, usability and RFE contributors. We are regularly updating and improving this project and making it available to the Mozilla community. This project was created as an alternative to the default interface that ships with Mozilla, and with additional feedback and contributions to further improve the design and functionality of Aphrodite we can make this happen.

Aphrodite 0.05 branch has been cut. APHRODITE_0_05_BRANCH The release of 0.05 will be from this branch. Look for the release monday.

Aphrodite mailing list is back up!

Reenabled Total Recall for Aphrodite!

Aphrodite .05 nightly install works on M18!