Browser restart

Once all packages have been installed, restart your browser.

If this is the first time you've installed the packages, you'll see a page offering quick setup of the configuration needed by Annozilla. If you don't want to do to this, or if you need to change your settings later, please see the instructions for this.

Quick setup of configuration now

If you choose to set up your configuration now, the following wizard will be launched:

Welcome to the Annozilla Setup Wizard

Select Next.

Choose where your annotations are saved

On this screen you have to choose where your annotations will be saved: either on your machine (this is the quickest way to get started), or, if you have an account on a server, you can specify its URL.

Note: if you choose "Local Server", annotations will be automatically loaded as you browser. If you choose "Remote Server", this is disabled to protect your privacy.

Please enter your name

On the final page, enter the name which will be stored in the annotations which you save. Then select Finish to complete setup.