Changes targetted at a 0.4 release


Here are some aims of the Annozilla project.

Keep up with Mozilla releases

The 0.3.4 release brings Annozilla up to date with Mozilla 1.0. All future releases should be usable with Mozilla 1.0.

Interopability with Amaya

Annozilla should support all annotation features which Amaya supports. In particular:

Any annotation posted by Amaya should be readable with Annozilla

Currently Annozilla does not achieve this: Amaya can produce XPointers which Annozilla cannot interpret. Doug Daniels has recently provided me with a patch for improved XPointer support; I hope to include this in a 0.4 release in February/March.

The annotation schema has also had facilities added recently to allow Replies to annotations; Annozilla does not support this.

All annotation facilities provided by Amaya should be provided

In addition to the new Reply capability, Annozilla does not provide a way of

of annotations. Some of these may be included in a 0.4 or 0.5 release.

There have also been requests for Annozilla to interface with multiple servers, or to be able to keep annotations in a local file. These are likely to appear in future releases.