SIP phone extension for Mozilla Thunderbird

What is Cockatoo?

Cockatoo is a project about implementing SIP/SIMPLE as an extension for Thunderbird (XPCOM component/XUL interface) that enables users to phone contacts and see their presence state.

Cockatoo is implemented by Filip Dalüge as part of Google's Summer of Code. It is mentored by Brian King of MozDev and makes use of the Zap SIP stack.


Users shall be able to do a phone call by one click out of their address book and to reply to emails by phone call. To put this into practice, the open standards SIP, SDP, RTP as well as audio codecs have to be implemented. These functionalities will be included into Thunderbird as an XPCOM component.

On top of this component, an XUL interface will be set up that does several tasks:

user interface draft


SIP is the most used open standard for telecommunication over IP, it is standarized by RFC 3261. As more and more devices like notebooks carry microphones and a permanent internet connection with them (WLAN), it is to be expected that users will want to use their existing environment for phoning as well.

Especially the last mentioned feature (calling by click using the address book) is an extremely useful capability, as address books of many Thunderbird users already contain phone numbers. These ordinary phone numbers can be called over a SIP provider's gateway.



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