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Currently accountex is available in English (en-US), French (fr-FR), German (de-DE), Italian (it-IT), Japanese (ja), Spanish (es-ES), Hungarian (hu-HU) and Slovenian (sl). I would love to port accountex into your native language, if you are interested in translating a few phrases, please let me know and I will add a accountex localization for your language.

If you are interested in translating accountex, you can create a locale that I will include in the package. This is done by translating the phrases found in the three files that make up the English locale:

current version from 0.3.0 (en-US):

New locales will be published on the roadmap and integrated in the next official version (if approved).
Send your work to


All terms that are still displayed in english need to be translated or re-translated.
In contents.rdf change all occurences of "en-US" to the appropriate locale code. For example: "la-VA" for Vatican/Latin.
Contains options dialog strings and pie menu tips.
Contains pie menu tooltips and alert strings.
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