To install the 3DBuzz toolbar, close all instances of Mozilla/Firefox except this one, then click here.

Mozilla/Firefox will display a security warning. Ensure that the path showing the location of the file is the expected path and click OK. Restart mozilla/firefox to view the toolbar.




Automatic Uninstallation:

Not yet implemented.

Manual Uninstallation:

  1. Shutdown all instances of Mozilla/Firefox.
  2. Navigate to the chrome subdirectory in the mozilla/firefox program folder. On a Windows workstation, the path to this directory would by default be: "C:\Program Files\\Mozilla\chrome\" (Mozilla) or "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\chrome\" (Firefox).
  3. Delete the "3DBuzz.jar" file (around 220 kb).
  4. Edit the file "installed-chrome.txt" with a text editor that shows unix formatted files properly (if you lack any such editor, use Mozilla Composer) and delete the line with 3dbuzz in it. If you have not installed any new components after this toolbar, it will be the last line. The line should look something like:


    Make sure you leave the extra blank line in the file.
  5. Delete the "chrome.rdf" file and the "overlayinfo" directory. These will be rebuilt on starting Mozilla/Firefox.