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<h2>What's ZoteroExport?</h2>
<p>You will like to ZoteroExport project if you use the <a href="" title="Zotero website">Zotero</a> Firefox extension, 
and sometimes you would like to export your attachments (e.g. pdf files)
 into your usb stick or filesystem. </p>
 <p>A more specific usage is to export it to your e-book reader. The ZoteroExport extension will help you in this job by:
 <ol><li>Adding a simple "export this file" option to Zotero's menus (expect: version 1.0)</li>
 <li>Adding various export formats, like the file storage of iRex' iLiad reader</li>
 <li>Adding the possibility of exporting many items by tags, libraries into a new directory</li>
 <h2>Current state</h2>
 <p>Simple exporting works, but have a look at <a href="bugs.html" title="Bugs">the bugs page</a> for more information</p>

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