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<center><font face="Helvetica, sans-serif" size="4"><b>Project Status</b></font></center>
<center><font face="Helvetica, sans-serif" size="3"><i>(10 August 2004)</i></font></center>

<p>The latest release of XULMaker is Version 0.51 which was released on August 10, 2004.
XULMaker 0.51 is known to work with Mozilla 1.7.1 and Netscape 7.1 (and most likely with
older versions - going back as far as Mozilla 1.0)</p>

<p>XULMaker Version 0.51 is a much more stable release than version 0.50. Although no new
functionality is introduced here, known issues with version 0.50 have been resolved. Help
documents (Users Manual, Project Documentation, Creating Applications with Mozilla Book)
are viewable again, the menulists are operating correctly again (although performance is still slow),
and the crashing problem
has been resolved. (This turned out to be a Mozilla problem. The crash occurred when there
were two or more editable &lt;menulist&gt;s within a non-hidden &lt;arrowscrollbox&gt; element.
&lt;arrowscrollbox&gt;s have been removed from all toolbars until Mozilla resolves this issue.) 
In addition, we have enhanced the installation process to allow for installation in either
the Mozilla chrome directory (as it used to) or in the currently selected Mozilla User's Profile chrome directory.</p>

<p>The prior release of XULMaker was Version 0.50 which was released in June 2003. 
XULMaker Version 0.50 was released when Mozilla 1.3 was the latest release of Mozilla and Netscape 7.0 was the latest release
of Netscape. XULMaker 0.50 
has been tested and known to work with Mozilla 1.1-1.3 and Netscape 7.0. Unfortunately, XULMaker 0.50 is incompatible
with subsequent versions - certain functionality has been broken. The Users Manual and the Project Documentation,
which is implemented as Help Documents, has become broken with Mozilla 1.4 and core functionality has become broken with Mozilla 1.5.

<p>Version 0.50 is a major evolution from version 0.40 which was a re-write from the original.
It includes a lot of new functionality and many new features that make it a more complete product. In particular,
it includes support for the <u>full</u> set of XUL elements, attributes and attribute values
- XUL elements, attributes and attribute values are defined in an XML Schema and accessed by XULMaker using XPath.
(See <a href="xpath-evaluator/index.html">XUL Schema and XPathEvaluator</a>.)
It includes simultaneous graphic and text views of a XUL Document. It includes a varied choice of toolbars to carry
out construction.</p>

<p>XULMaker Version 0.51 is still a beta release. Although it is fully functional it does not yet include all the functionality
and features considered necessary to make the product ready for production use. This beta release may be used productively
to explore XUL development and to develop relatively simple XUL applications. The goal is to have a Version 1.0
as the first production release. Version 1.0 should be a better performing product - in terms of executing speed and response time,
and include the functionality and features that would make building a serious application easier, more efficient and more effective.
Version 1.0 will include support for overlays, XBL, templates, etc. (See <a href="roadmap.html">Roadmap</a>.).</p>



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