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<h2 class="page-header">XULMaker Project Contributors</h2>


  <li><a href="">Franklin de Graaf</a>

  <li><a href="">Michael Hearn</a>
  (jabber: <a href="">[personal webpage]</a>
  <p>I am the guy who first wrote XULMaker, but I am hoping that soon this section will have many different
  people in it. I live in a village called Prestbury in England, with the rest of my family. I am sixteen and
  enjoy programming (obviously :), reading, listening to/<a href="">writing</a>
  music, rock climbing and meeting new people, especially if they are girls :) This is the first open source project I have run,
  although I am already involved in the <a href="">Pythian Project</a>.</p>

  <li><a href="">Palm Kevin</a>
  <p>I was born 1982 in Belgium, where I still live today.
My mother tongue is German. Science the first year in the primary school, French was my second language.
Later, in secondary school, I also learned English and Dutch.
I've studied computer science in Brussels from 2000 to 2003 (in French).
At the end of my studies, I had to pass a training period. The subject of my training period was "Write a visual xul editor".
During my searching on the web of an existing product that could help me, I found the XULMaker project.
And I decided to join the developer community in order to continue this project.
When I started, I didn't even know about Mozilla and XUL, and I had never written any JavaScript code before !
But after 4 weeks of studying the XUL documentation ( and the XULMaker source code, I was able to contribute to the XULMaker project.
I've become a really big Mozilla fan!
My hobbies are : football, music, internet and programming.


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