Diff for /webmailnotifier/www/version.php between versions 1.3 and 1.4

version 1.3, 2011/01/07 13:48:43 version 1.4, 2011/01/23 15:08:49
Line 1 Line 1
 <?php  <?php
  $curVer="2.7.2";  $curVer="2.7.3";
  $notes="- added option for tab loading  $notes="- added toolbar
show counts on menu- fixed opening tab when session changed
update list when import- added option for tab menu
- fixed post install page loading- show tab menu only when it's needed
- removed unused code";  - hadling for session restore
 - improved tab reloading
 fixed order handling during delete
 - added option for show counts on menu
 can add parameters to link of POP3 and IMAP
 ?>  ?>

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