Diff for /webmailnotifier/www/version.php between versions 1.33 and 1.34

version 1.33, 2012/10/04 07:44:49 version 1.34, 2012/10/22 11:05:48
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 <?php  <?php
  $curVer="2.9.13";  $curVer="3.0";
  $notes="- fixed gmail script  $notes="- Unified look of icon
- fixed yahoo japan folder list- Faster loading of data
- changed sidebar shortcut to 'Ctrl+M'- Import/Export from Chrome or Opera version
- optimized window handling function- Redefinition of script structure
- optimized http access- fixed endless loop in yahoo mail";
- fixed alert window in Firefox 16";   
 ?>  ?>

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