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Mon Jul 16 02:35:56 2007 UTC (11 years, 7 months ago) by ajvincent
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CVS tags: HEAD
Add SNAPSHOT_20070713_TAG_006 object directory tarball to Verbosio downloads.

Last updated:  July 15, 2007

If you are reading this, then you know Verbosio is an experimental XML editor
platform based on Mozilla's XULRunner project.  "Experimental" is the key word.
Using Verbosio as it stands now to edit your XML files will almost certainly
cause unexpected behaviors and may corrupt your XML files.

Very likely you are reading this because you requested a "snapshot" of the
Verbosio code for debugging.  If so, you should be aware the object directory
snapshots live on the trunk in the downloads directory, while the files they
derive from live on a branch in the src directory.  This could not be helped,
due to's cvs repository arrangement.

The following table should help you find the right branch.  With the exception
of HEAD (which represents trunk), this table is sorted by branch, and then by
tag, with the newest at the top.

Date Created        Branch                    Verbosio version      XULRunner versions Objdir tarball
___________________ _________________________ ____________________  __________________ _____________________________________________________________________________
n/a                 HEAD                      0.1a1pre.1            1.9a6              none

13 July 2007        SNAPSHOT_20070713_BRANCH  0.1a1pre.0.7          1.9a6 to 1.9.*     none
15 July 2007        SNAPSHOT_20070713_TAG_006 0.1a1pre.0.6          1.9a6 to 1.9.*
15 July 2007        SNAPSHOT_20070713_TAG_005 0.1a1pre.0.4          1.9a6 to 1.9.*
15 July 2007        SNAPSHOT_20070713_TAG_004 0.1a1pre.0.3          1.9a6 to 1.9.*
13 July 2007        SNAPSHOT_20070713_TAG_003 0.1a1pre.0.2          1.9a6 to 1.9.*

Versioning will be in the format (major, minor, branch number, tag).  When a new
branch forms, the branch number on trunk will increment.

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