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Sun Mar 12 20:10:04 2006 UTC (13 years, 11 months ago) by aviv
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Feature: Initial addition to version to CVS.

TrustBar ChangeLog

------------------------- - 18/01/2006
1. Bugfix: TB is working on *NIX as-well - moving data files to user's profile dir.
2. Feature: Adding a description to the install.rdf

------------------------- - 02/01/2006
1. Feature: 'Hey!' feature - By default the feature is disabled, until the redesign of this feature.
2. Bugfix: TB doesn't get Firefox to hang when using automatic proxy.
3. Bugfix: Fixing a bug where TB wouldn't change the icon when switching from "secure" tab to another.
4. Feature: Now, by default, if the site already has a selected logo, do not display the 'Identified By' field.

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