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Tue Oct 18 04:21:47 2005 UTC (14 years, 4 months ago) by judson
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small graph modifications.

<h5 class="page-header">Source Code</h5>

<p id="src-intro">
  The tamperdata source code can be accessed in either of the following ways:

<ul id="get-the-src">
<li>View the source using the CVS <a href="">web interface</a></li>
<li>Check out the source using anonymous CVS with the following commands (password is guest):

cvs -d login
cvs -z3 -d co tamperdata


<p id="cvs-doc">CVS clients and Help Documentation can be found at <a href=""></a>.</p>

<hr><a name="changes.82"></a>
<h5>v 0.82</h5>

   <li>Graph modifications - thanks again to Claude Villermain</li>

<hr><a name="changes.80"></a>
<h5>v 0.80</h5>

   <li>Graphs - thanks to Claude Villermain</li>
   <li>Fix for multipart POST tampering.</li>
   <li>Fix for replay in browser.</li>
   <li>Removed sidebar hotkey.</li>

<hr><a name="changes.76"></a>
<h5>v 0.76</h5>

<p>Minor GUI changes</p>
   <li>Remember window sizes and positions</li>
   <li>Scroll to last item in log view.</li>

<hr><a name="changes.75"></a>
<h5>v 0.75</h5>
   <li>Better handling of POST requests - e.g. POST's from Flash</li>
   <li>Improved view source - can now view POST requests from cache</li>
   <li>New column <b>Total Duration</b> - time from inital request to page load event</li>
   <li>Small GUI changes - resizing of filter input and log columns</li>
   <li>Export to XML</li>

<hr><a name="changes.70"></a>
<h5>v 0.70</h5>
Some additions to the context menu:
   <li>Add entry now supports name=value format</li>
   <li>Add entries - use comma separated list</li>
   <li>Add entries from file - file should contain name=value on each line</li>
Other changes:
   <li>Tamper URL popup triggered by "replay in browser".  Allows tampering with GET parameters on replay, using same
context menus as the tamper popup.</li>

<hr><a name="changes.66"></a>
<h5>v 0.66</h5>
   <li>Import/Export preferences.</li>

<hr><a name="changes.65"></a>
<h5>v 0.65</h5>
   <li>Tamper menu entries are now dynamically created, and configurable through the options dialog.</li>
   <li>Option to tamper with image etc. requests.</li>
   <li>Options and help entries on the main window.</li>
   <li>tamperdata can now appear on the side bar.  Note that the hot key doesn't seem to work, and tamperdata
can be run <b>both</b> on and off the sidebar at the same time, creating two history lists, and two
tamper points, which is probably not what you want.</li>
   <li>Bugfix - when parameter value is set to empty string, original value used to be sent.</li>
   <li>Internal refactoring of menu creation code and utility functions.</li>

<hr><a name="changes.60"></a>
<h5>v 0.60</h5>
   <li>Fixes for Deer Park.  Parameter changes for some XUL functions were causing display problems on the log window.</li>

<hr><a name="changes.58"></a>
<h5>v 0.58</h5>
   <li>filtering in log window - not sure this is that usefull, but it was hard so I'm not taking it out.<br>
n.b. this only filters the results displayed in the log window, tampering is still triggered on all requests.</li>

<hr><a name="changes.57"></a>
<h5>v 0.57</h5>
   <li>delete item</li>
   <li>cascading context menus for tamper prefills</li>
   <li>encode/decode/decimal and hex html</li>

<hr><a name="changes.55"></a>
<h5>v 0.55</h5>
   <li><b>replay in browser</b> - resend with previous headers and post data</li>
   <li><b>view source</b> - this turned out to be much more useful than I'd expected, it's pretty hard to get a good
look at the source of a page full of redirects any other way.</li>
   <li>changed update site to to keep in sync with deliverables</li>

<hr><a name="changes.50"></a>
<h5>v 0.50</h5>
   <li>added automatic updates</li>
   <li>more contect entries for user-agent</li>
   <li>display URI in group box on tamper dialog</li>
   <li><b>open in browser</b> context entry on main page.  Though after some though I'll probably change
this to replay, along the lines of <a href="">live http headers</a> </li>

For questions or comments about tamperdata, please send a message to <a href="">the author</a>.

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