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<h3>How to Use it.</h3>
<p>After installation you should find a <b>Tamper Data</b> entry under the tools menu.

Select this and the log window will open.  All subsequent request will appear here.</p>

<p>To see details of a request, select it.  To see details of a request header double click the

<p>It's probably a good idea to press clear now and then.</p>

Make sure you have read the <a href="/warnings.html">warnings</a>.

<p>Press the start/stop tamper to toggle tampering.</p>
<p>For each request (images etc. are currently filtered out) you should see a pop up prompting you to
<li>tamper - trigger the tamper pop up</li>
<li>submit - do nothing</li>
<li>abort - cancel the request entirely</li>

<p>When you select <b>tamper</b> you will see the tamper window.  Modify the data here.  Use the context
menu to make common changes.</p>
<p>Select OK to submit the modified values, cancel to submit the original data.</p>

<h5>Using the context menu</h5>
When using <b>add entry</b>, you may enter name and value at the same time.
<p>e.g. <code>myheader=myvalue</code></p>
The value may contain commas or equal signs.
<p>When using <b>add etries</b>, you can add multiple values in the form: <br>
<p>Neither the names or values should contain commas.
<p>When using <b>add entries from file</b>, import a file in the following format:
<br>Blank lines at the top of the file will probably cause problems.

Context menu items can be configured using the options dialog.
<li>Items are either static, or dynamic</li>
<li>Static items appear when any item is selected.</li>
<li>Dynamic items appear only when the item name matches the item selected.  e.g. User-Agent.  Note that the text
matching is case sensative.</li>
<li>Preferences can be exported and imported.  Probably easiest to export the default options, then use that file as a template</li>
<li>Imported preferences will be added to existing preferences.</li>
<li>The <B>delete</b> button should probably be called reset.  When pressed the selected preference will be reset to its default
value.  If you added it, it will be removed.</li>
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