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Tue Jun 14 20:24:05 2011 UTC (8 years, 7 months ago) by crazyeye
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New build script (yet Windows only)

@echo off

rem   USAGE:
rem   Go to tablang/src directory and run:
rem   makexpi-7zip.bat
rem   Use --AMO or -a option to make xpi bundle for AMO (no updateURL and updateKey)

@echo on

copy install.rdf install.rdf.backup
if "%1"=="-a"  goto AMO
if "%1"=="--AMO"  goto AMO
sed -r -e "s/<!--\s*<em:updateURL>/<em:updateURL>/" -e "s/<\/em:updateKey>\s*-->/<\/em:updateKey>/" -i install.rdf

if exist tablang.xpi  del tablang.xpi
7z a -tzip -mx=9 tablang.xpi chrome defaults LICENSE install.rdf chrome.manifest icon.png -r -x!CVS -x!.* -x!#* -x!*.bak -x!*.old -x!*~

move install.rdf.backup install.rdf

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