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Show Image 0.4.2 release - Support Firefox 2.0

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<h5 class="infoHeader">What's New</h5>
<li>Oct 28, 2006 - Show Image 0.4.2 with Firefox 2.0 support released!</li>
<li>Dec 13, 2005 - Show Image 0.4.1 with Firefox 1.5 support released!</li>
<li>Dec 12, 2005 - Show Image 0.4 with Firefox 1.5 support released!</li>
<li>Show Image 0.2 released</li>
<li>Show Image 0.1 released.</li>
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<h5 class="page-header">Updates</h5>
<p>Hi! Show Image is just updated to support Firefox 2.0! Hope you guys enjoy it as much
as I do! By the way, if you want Show Image to localize to your language, please do not
hesitate to contact me!</p>

<h5 class="page-header">Introduction</h5>
<p>Show Image is an extension for Mozilla Firefox which enables user to reload a broken
image without loading the entire page. This is particularly useful for 56k modem users
when there are many images on a page to be loaded. Usually the loading process will
time out and the user has no choice but to reload the entire page.</p>

<p>This extension adds an entry <em>'Show Image'</em> to the context menu of a broken
image and allows user to reload the selected image.</p>

<h5 class="page-header">Version History</h5>
<dl class="changelog">
<dt>Version 0.4.2</dt>
	<li><strong>Update</strong> - Support Firefox 2.0</li>
<dt>Version 0.4.1</dt>
	<li><strong>Update</strong> - Added zh-CN locale</li>
	<li><strong>Update</strong> - Removed custom update.rdf path to comply with policy</li>
<dt>Version 0.4</dt>
	<li><strong>Update</strong> - Updated to be compatible with Firefox 1.5</li>
	<li><strong>Update</strong> - Firefox 1.0 is no longer supported - use version 0.3 instead.</li>
	<li><strong>Update</strong> - Added zh-TW locale</li>
	<li><strong>Feature</strong> - Added support for image disabled mode - uncheck 'Load Image' in 'Options &gt; Contents'</li>
	<li><strong>Feature</strong> - Added hidden feature 'Reload Image' - enable in about:config under 'extensions.showimage.display_reload_image_context_menu'</li>
	<li><strong>Feature</strong> - Removed support when docShell.allowImages == false</li>
<dt>Version 0.3</dt>
	<li><strong>Update</strong> - Updated to be compatible with Firefox 0.8 - 1.0</li>
	<li><strong>Feature</strong> - Added accesskey 'h' to context menu item</li>
<dt>Version 0.2.1</dt>
	<li><strong>Update</strong> - Repackaged to work with new extension manager in Firefox 0.9</li>
<dt>Version 0.2</dt>
	<li><strong>Feature</strong> - Added Show Image support when docShell.allowImages == false</li>
	<li><strong>Bugfix</strong> - <em>'Show image'</em> menu item now shows on context menu of partially loaded images.</li>
<dt>Version 0.1</dt>
<dd><ul><li>Initial Release</li></ul></dd>

<h5 class="page-header">To Do List</h5>
	<li>Option GUI to enable/disable 'Reload Image' feature</li>

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