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Sat Jan 9 10:51:19 2010 UTC (10 years, 2 months ago) by atte
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updated screenshots for version 2.0

    1: <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
    2: <h5 class="page-header">Screenshots</h5>
    4: <p>
    5: <img alt="Save File to in action" src="images/2.0/savefileto_in_action_2.png">
    6: </p>
    8: <p><i>Save File to</i> adds <i>Save Page to</i>, <i>Save Link to</i> and 
    9: <i>Save Image to</i> to context menu.
   10: In the above, only link and image items are visible. 
   11: Many default items have been removed from the context menu using <a href="">Menu Editor</a> for sake of clarity.
   13: <p>The first <i>Save File to</i> pop-up menu lists user-defined folders and 
   14: the most recently used folders (not visible in screenshot).
   15: The second pop-up menu lists sub-folders for My Documents.
   16: <i>Save Here</i> saves the image to My Documents folder itself.
   17: <i>Empty Folder</i> has no sub-folders so it has no submenu and clicking it saves the image to Empty Folder.
   18: <i>Non-empty folder</i> on the other hand has sub-folders and therefore a submenu.
   19: To avoid long menu, folders starting with <i>my</i> are compacted into a submenu of their own.</p>
   21: <p>The above is just an example that shows off <i>Save File to</i>'s different features.
   22: See options window below for settings.</p>
   24: <p>
   25: <img alt="Save File to options window in main tab" src="images/2.0/savefileto_prefwindow_main.png">
   26: </p>
   28: <p><i>Save File to</i> options window in main tab with default settings.</p>
   30: <p>
   31: <img alt="Save File to options window in page tab" src="images/2.0/savefileto_prefwindow_page.png">
   32: </p>
   34: <p><i>Save File to</i> options window in page tab with default settings on Windows.
   35: Link, image and file tabs are similar.</p>
   37: <p>
   38: <img alt="Save File to in save file dialog" src="images/2.0/savefileto_save_file_dialog.png">
   39: </p>
   41: <p><i>Save File to</i> 2.0 adds support for save file dialog.</p>

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