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    For questions or comments about quickFilters, please send a message to 
    <a name="mailto"></a>
	<p class=mail_link>
		<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
		var u1 = '&#97;&#120;&#101;l.gru';
		var u2 = 'de@'
		var u3 = 'gma';
		var u4 = '';
		document.write('<a href=\"mailto:' + u1 + u2 + u3 +  u4 +'?subject=[quickFilters] - &lt;your subject line here&gt;\">');
		document.write('Mail To Axel Grude</a>');
		<NOSCRIPT>You need to enable javascript for the email link to work!</NOSCRIPT>

    <!-- For general site related questions or comments, -->
    For questions or comments <em>not</em> about a specific project,
    please read our <a href="">feedback</a> page.<br>
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	<div class=attribution> Attributions:
	<BR>bullets, mailto, key and mouse icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane under Creative Commons, see: <a href=""></a>
	<BR>wrench icon - free license by <a href=""></a>

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