Diff for /protozilla/ipc/public/nsIPipeFilterListener.idl between versions 1.1 and 1.2

version 1.1, 2002/04/18 05:53:32 version 1.2, 2002/04/20 01:01:00
Line 59  interface nsIPipeFilterListener : nsIStr Line 59  interface nsIPipeFilterListener : nsIStr
 {  {
   attribute nsIStreamListener streamListener;    attribute nsIStreamListener streamListener;
     attribute nsISupports ctxt;
   [noscript] attribute nsOutputFileStream outputFileStream;    [noscript] attribute nsOutputFileStream outputFileStream;
   /**    /**
      * The MIME type of the channel's content if available. 
      * NOTE: the content type can often be wrongly specified (e.g., wrong file
      * extension, wrong MIME type, wrong document type stored on a server, etc.),
      * and the caller most likely wants to verify with the actual data. 
     attribute ACString contentType;
      * The character set of the channel's content if available and if applicable.
      * This attribute only applies to textual data.
     attribute ACString contentCharset;
      * The length of the data associated with the channel if available.  A value
      * of -1 indicates that the content length is unknown.
     attribute long contentLength;
      * MIME filtering for multipart stuff:
      *  Display first part (should be non-multipart or multipart/alternative)
      *  Each message/rfc822 is treated as a plain text (.eml) attachment
      *  For display, each message/rfc822 item is emitted with its first
      *  "atomic" item, so that the subject headers etc. are displayed.
      *  Attempt to display all text/ or image/ items inline, if not marked
      *  as attachment (also display them as attachments)
      *  No. of attachments =  no. of "atomic" items - 1       (i.e., firstitem)
      *                      + no. of message/rfc822 items
      *  For display, multipart/mixed should not be nested, unless
      *    there is an intervening message/rfc822 wrapper
    * Starts filtering stream     * Starts filtering stream
    */     */

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