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<h5 class="page-header"><a id="content" name="content">Installation and Usage</a></h5>

<p>These extensions provide more functionality to Mozilla FireFox to make it easier for users to search and lookup various things. It will add a new items into the context menu, where the searches will be listed.</p>
<p> &#8226; <strong>Usage</strong>:<br>
To use a function, highlight any text on the site and right-click on it. Navigate to the Newzbin menu, then click on the appropriate function name. I've tried to make these as lenient as possible, meaning if you accidently highlight too much text or even an entire header subject, it should disregard everything but the desired search string. For install/uninstall instructions, see below the table.</p>
<p> &#8226; <strong>Installation</strong>:</p>
<p><a href="">Newzbin Extensions XPI</a></p>
<p><a href="">Required Javascript Files</a></p>
 &nbsp;&nbsp;1. Unzip the Javascript files to your <strong>C:\Windows\Web\</strong> folder. It's possible to save them elsewhere, but then your required to edit the .xpi file to match.<br>
 &nbsp;&nbsp;2. Use the the XPI link provided above to install the FireFox extensions.<br>
 &nbsp;&nbsp;3. Open FireFox and goto <strong>Tools &gt; Options &gt; Web Features</strong>. If you have the Popup Blocker enabled you will need to add the host '<strong>localhost</strong>' to the site list.<br>
 &nbsp;&nbsp;4. You will need to restart FireFox for the changes to take effect.<br>
 <p> &#8226; <strong>Uninstall</strong>:<br>
 &nbsp;&nbsp;1. The browser extensions can be enabled/disabled via the Extensions menu. Open FireFox and goto <strong>Tools &gt; Options &gt; Extensions</strong> to change.<br>
 &nbsp;&nbsp;2. Delete the Javascript files from your <strong>C:\Windows\Web\</strong> folder.<br>

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