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Removed CDNow search. Fixed All Music search. Added, Excalibur Films, and Game Rankings searches.

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<li>9.03.04 - 3 New Searches, Fixed broken ones</li>
<li>5.26.04 - Site updates, Code cleanup</li>
<li>5.14.04 - Project Started</li>

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<li><a href=""></a></li>
<li>The Ultimate in Usenet Indexing</li>

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<h5 class="page-header"> FireFox Browser Extensions</h5>

These extensions allow you to perform various searches/lookups on any selected text on a webpage. These are most useful when using <a href=""></a> and finding reference to what is posted on Usenet. Listed below are the supported features/functions of the extensions:<br>
    &#8226; All Music - Album - Search <a href="">All Music Guide</a> for music by album title<br>
    &#8226; All Music - Artist - Search <a href="">All Music Guide</a> for music by artist<br>
    &#8226; All Music - Song - Search <a href="">All Music Guide</a> for music by song title<br>
    &#8226; AlloCine # - Search <a href="">AlloCine</a> for movies by 5-digit number<br>
    &#8226; Amazon - Search <a href="">Amazon</a> for anything<br>
    &#8226; DvDFR # - Search <a href="">DvDFR</a> for movies by 4-digit number<br>
    &#8226; Excalibur Films - Search <a href="">Excalibur Films</a> for XXX videos<br>
    &#8226; - Search the <a href=""></a> CDDB for music by title/album/song<br>
    &#8226; FTD # - Search <a href="">FTD</a> by 6-digit number<br>
    &#8226; FTN Forum # - Search the <a href="">FTN Forum</a> by 5-digit number<br>
    &#8226; GameSpot - Search <a href="">GameSpot</a> for games by title<br>
    &#8226; Game Rankings - Search <a href="">Game Rankings</a> for games by title<br>
    &#8226; Gracenote - Search the <a href="">Gracenote</a> CDDB for music by title/album/song<br>
    &#8226; IMDb - Search <a href="">IMDb</a> for movies/actors by title/name<br>
    &#8226; NFOrce - Search <a href="">NFOrce</a> for NFO's by title<br>
    &#8226; - Search <a href=""></a> for movies/actors by title/name<br>
    &#8226; TV Tome - Search <a href="">TV Tome</a> for tv episodes by title<br>
	&#8226; VCDQuality - Search <a href="">VCDQuality</a> by title</p>
<p>Feel free to leave comments or suggestions on the Comments page, feedback will help improve the extension. Perhaps it could be extended to different sites and sets.
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