What's New
These extensions allow you to perform various searches/lookups on any selected text on a webpage. These are most useful when using Newzbin.com and finding reference to what is posted on Usenet. Listed below are the supported features/functions of the extensions:

• All Music - Album - Search All Music Guide for music by album title
• All Music - Artist - Search All Music Guide for music by artist
• All Music - Song - Search All Music Guide for music by song title
• AlloCine # - Search AlloCine for movies by 5-digit number
• Amazon - Search Amazon for anything
• DvDFR # - Search DvDFR for movies by 4-digit number
• Excalibur Films - Search Excalibur Films for XXX videos
• freedb.org - Search the freedb.org CDDB for music by title/album/song
• FTD # - Search FTD by 6-digit number
• FTN Forum # - Search the FTN Forum by 5-digit number
• GameSpot - Search GameSpot for games by title
• Game Rankings - Search Game Rankings for games by title
• Gracenote - Search the Gracenote CDDB for music by title/album/song
• IMDb - Search IMDb for movies/actors by title/name
• NFOrce - Search NFOrce for NFO's by title
• OFDb.de - Search OFDb.de for movies/actors by title/name
• TV Tome - Search TV Tome for tv episodes by title
• VCDQuality - Search VCDQuality by title

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions on the Comments page, feedback will help improve the extension. Perhaps it could be extended to different sites and sets.