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   2006-08-14  Max Smolens  <smolens@gmail.com>
           * Released version 1.0.6:
             Add commands to livemark popup menu that open livemark's
             location URL.  Install the LiveClick extension to show the
             Location field in the livemark's properties.
             Fix problem with links that have a favicon when opening all
             links in a folder.
   2006-05-30  Max Smolens  <smolens@gmail.com>
           * Released version 1.0.5:
             Add collapsing of bookmark folders.
             Fix problem loading when My Portal is the home page. (Closes:
   2006-01-29  Max Smolens  <smolens@gmail.com>
           * Released version 1.0.4:
             Enable display of favicons in front of links.  (Closes: #12940)
 2005-11-06  Max Smolens  <smolens@gmail.com>  2005-11-06  Max Smolens  <smolens@gmail.com>
         * Released version 1.0.3:          * Released version 1.0.3:

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