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Thu May 13 15:20:51 2004 UTC (16 years ago) by oertel
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CVS tags: version_30_05_04, ver_2004_04_12_fire_thunder_beta, HEAD
- now (beta) support for firefox and thunderbird
- mimetype.tmpl will be created if not present


quick start
Configuring Mozilla with mozptch

The configuration files *.ini are created for interactive use.
This means mozptch will ask for all values needed.

1 Step:
For trial purposes (mozilla) start mozptch with the configuration
file mozptch.ini (this is default if you start mozptch.exe).

(Firefox and Thunderbird beta support:
1 Step: 
For trial purposes use the configuration files
firefox.ini or thunderbird.ini. 
You can rename them to mozptch.ini or call mozptch with
mozptch -f firefox.ini)

2 Step:
Start your Mozilla Application (Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird)
and configure it the way you want to distribute it.
Stop your Mozilla Application.
Now copy the prefs.js entries in the [general_prefs_js] section.
3 Step:
Look for personal specific strings in the [general_prefs_js] section.
Replace them with variables. And define how to get the variable values.

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