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version 1.2, 2004/05/13 15:20:51 version 1.3, 2004/05/30 19:51:15
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 # ========  # ========
 #  #
 # $Log$  # $Log$
# Revision 1.2  2004/05/13 15:20:51  oertel# Revision 1.3  2004/05/30 19:51:15  oertel
# - now (beta) support for firefox and thunderbird# -Linux support ready for delivery (beta)
# - mimetype.tmpl will be created if not present# -New Variables for EmailAddress, ncoming and outgoing server
 # -INI-Files debuged
 # - new bin zip file
 #  #
 # Revision 1.1  2004/03/14 12:49:07  oertel  # Revision 1.1  2004/03/14 12:49:07  oertel
 # Initial commit version 9.29  # Initial commit version 9.29
Line 21 Line 23
 program mozptch;  program mozptch;
 uses  uses
     QBindings in 'QBindings.pas',
   QForms,    QForms,
   history in 'history.pas',    history in 'history.pas',
   shell_func in 'shell_func.pas',    shell_func in 'shell_func.pas',
  PrefFile in 'preffile.pas',  preffile in 'preffile.pas',
   VersionInfo in 'VersionInfo.pas',    VersionInfo in 'VersionInfo.pas',
   ProcessViewer in 'ProcessViewer.pas',    ProcessViewer in 'ProcessViewer.pas',
   datamodul in 'datamodul.pas' {DataModule1: TDataModule},    datamodul in 'datamodul.pas' {DataModule1: TDataModule},
   moz_rdf_edit in 'moz_rdf_edit.pas',    moz_rdf_edit in 'moz_rdf_edit.pas',
   xmlpatch in 'xmlpatch.pas' {DataModuleXML: TDataModule},    xmlpatch in 'xmlpatch.pas' {DataModuleXML: TDataModule},
   AnzName in 'anzname.pas',  
   ConfDialog in 'ConfDialog.pas' {FUser},    ConfDialog in 'ConfDialog.pas' {FUser},
   linux_system in 'linux_system.pas',    linux_system in 'linux_system.pas',
  unitfunc in 'unitfunc.pas';  unitfunc in 'unitfunc.pas',
   linux_func in 'linux_func.pas',
   fork_exec in 'fork_exec.pas',
   ProcStuff in 'ProcStuff.pas';
 {$R *.RES}  {$R *.RES}
 begin  begin
   Application.CreateForm(TDataModuleXML, DataModuleXML);    Application.CreateForm(TDataModuleXML, DataModuleXML);
   Application.CreateForm(TDataModule1, DataModule1);    Application.CreateForm(TDataModule1, DataModule1);
   //Application.CreateForm(TFUser, FUser);  
   Application.Run;    Application.Run;
 end.  end.

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