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Tue Jan 13 10:27:22 2004 UTC (15 years, 11 months ago) by lithian
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Status report

<div id="mozImage" class="independent">
  <h3>mozImage - v0.5</h3>
  <p>Simple image browser</p>
  <ul class="quickaccess">
      <a href="">Home Page</a>
      <a href="">Install</a>
      <a href="">Lithian</a>
  <p>The goal of mozImage is to create a simple image browser based
  on the Mozilla Framework. It has a simple and fast user interface
  that you can see on <a href="">screen shot</a> page.</p>
  <p>Here are some key feature:</p>
    <li>Slide show</li>
    <li>Scale images to window size</li>
    <li>Compatible with both Mozilla Browser and Mozilla Firebird</li>
    <li>Easy navigation through file system</li>
    <li>Simple menu and toolbar</li>

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