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Wed Oct 10 06:43:40 2007 UTC (12 years, 1 month ago) by gvogt
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: moji-0-9-8, moji-0-9-7, moji-0-9-6, moji-0-9-5, moji-0-9-3, moji-0-9-2, moji-0-9-1, moji-0-9, HEAD
Improved support for versioning of dicts using build dates.
Makefile clean up and rearrangement to automize builts.
Added .cvsignore files to ignore the generated files in CVS.
Added holding the current version of the package.	BUILD = `date +'%Y%m%d'`     $(EDICT)
	sed -e "s/BUILD=.*/BUILD=$(BUILD)/" >

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