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Fri Sep 10 09:41:36 2004 UTC (15 years, 6 months ago) by krzesniak
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: mailredirect-0-1, HEAD
version 0.1

0.1 [2004-09-10]
- send message with ckeck if mail.warn_on_send_accel_key==true
- choosing default identity when bouncing news message
- progressbar on statusbar is working
- adding progressbars per every treeItem when sending
- marking mails which failed to be sent with red color in bounceTree
- using cmd_mailredirect* commands 
- after successful send window is closed
- created extension icon and added em:iconURL tag to install.rdf
- do not allow to send when recipients list is empty
- improved XUL GUI

0.0.7 [2004-09-03] (not released)
- done: "bad non-iso8859-1 characters encoding in resent-to and resent-from"
  note: available since thunderbird 0.8 (bug in 0.7.x versions)
- added toolbar button
- removing temporary files
- removed typo in permission string while creating FileOutputStream
  (maybe it will solve problems under linux..)

0.0.6 [2004-08-31]
- done: "if item in threadTree right-clicked and tried to be bounced,
  extension refers to selected mails instead right-clicked one"
- done: "redirect menuitem should be unavail when no message is 
  selected (like other menuitems from Message menu)"
- added mail-icon before subject in bounceTree
- added item to MessageMenu
- improved xul overlay
- done: "enable possibility to fcc or not a message -- prefs settings"
- done: "for 1 recipient it works; for more doesn't - investigate"
- choosing identity depending on mail chosen to redirect
- vk_return in listbox AddressingWidget adds no new rows
- reported to work under mozilla mail client -- thanks Tomas

0.0.5 [2004-08-23]
- bounce command is unavailable when in offline mode (i suppose, what
  SendLater code won't handle this (it modifies Messaged-Id, etc..))
- bounce-pref.xul works
- VK_ESCAPE close window
- ctrl-B combination works and doesn't in offline
- extension name change from 'bounce' to 'mailredirect'
- added em:updateURL in install.rdf

0.0.3 [2004-07-30]
- first public release

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