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Thu May 10 07:08:34 2007 UTC (12 years, 8 months ago) by krzesniak
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0.7.5 [2007-05-10]
- maxVersion changed to 2.0.0.*

0.7.4 [2006-04-21]
- EXPERIMENTAL: icon in subjectCol indicating redirected messages (iconset only for
  thunderbird). currently doesn't work with IMAP accounts.
- maxVersion changed to 1.5.0.*

0.7.3 [2006-01-31]
- bugfix: some lines in mail body were unnecessary striped

0.7.2 [2006-01-16]
- added sk-SK localization
- added pl-PL localization
- updated de-AT and de-DE localization
- maxVersion changed to 1.5 for Thunderbird and to 1.8 for Mozilla Suite

0.7.1 [2005-09-23]
- updated it-IT localization
- not worked with thunderbird 1.0.x under win (no nsIPrefBranch2 interface)
- maxVersion changed to 1.4

0.7 [2005-09-22]
- bugfix: unable to redirect news post
- included localizations for: de-DE, de-AT (link to de-DE), fr-FR, it-IT,
  sv-SE, cs-CZ, es-ES, es-AR,
- added em:targetApplication for Mozilla Suite in install.rdf
- bugfix: removing Delivered-To: header (reported problems with postfix)
- changed directories structure in jars
- added chrome.manifest for Deep Park
- bugfix: moved code of clearing bounceTree properties
- bugfix: fixed problem when mails were sometimes not redirected
- compatible up to thunderbird 1.6+
- bugfix: debuging with dump() works under Deep Park
- updated

0.6 [2005-01-04]
- added possibility to redirect in CC and BCC way
- TAB/F6 keys work better
- 'Redirect' label in main menu 'Message' wasn't localized
- bugfix: convert line termination characters to CRLF while saving msg to file

0.5.1 [2004-12-07]
- changed icons' sizes in Thunderbird's classic theme
- compatible up to Thunderbird 1.0+

0.5 [2004-11-29]
- added script
- code clean up
- bugfix: resolve maillist adresses while sending
- bugfix: removed/renamed some global variables
- bugfix: limit concurrent SMTP conections
- added tooltips in preferences window

0.1.9 [2004-11-04]
- corrected status message when sending failed
- added !important flag for seamonkey's CSS sheet

0.1.8 [2004-10-28]
- added debug checkbox in prefs
- added Resent-User-Agent: header
- possibility to save JSconsole content to file
- bugfix: better handling From_ and >From quoted lines

0.1.7 [2004-10-01]
- separate skin jar's for seamonkey and for thunderbird
- added prefs in seamonkey Preferences window
- done: "the 'minimize/hide' buttons for the menubar shows up twice and once
  the menubar is hidden there is only one of the 'minimize/hide' buttons left
  which just do not work to bring back the menubar."
- done: "In MozillaMail the two icons (Redirect and Address Book) are shifted
  of to the right from the left sideframe of the window for about the same width
  as the two icons have together"
- email status icon in subject line in seamonkey was missing
- in messagewindow redirect command should refer to opened message rather than
  selected in mail3pane window
- delayed command updating in onload event handler (in messagewindow
  toolbarbutton had incorrect status (disabled=true))
- added onunload event listeners in mailredirect.xul
- drawing gridlines in addressing widget in seamonkey
- in seamonkey extension is installed in Program directory due to bug #235667
- added uninstaller for seamonkey

0.1.6 [2004-09-22]
- bugfixes for mozilla mail client

0.1.5 [2004-09-16]
- added tooltiptext to Redirect toolbar button in mail:3pane
- minor changes in mailredirect-prefs.xul
- sometimes recipients in STMP session were given wrong

0.1.4 [2004-09-14]
- when redirecting last a short while (<500ms) window wasn't closed

0.1.3 [2004-09-14]
- fixed redirecting from Local Folders
- fixed redirecting of drafts
- more XUL improvements

0.1.2 [2004-09-13]
- !important removed from mailredirect.css 

0.1.1 [2004-09-13]
- fixed permissions when creating temporary file
- changes in XUL (nicer in mozilla mail client)
- try old and new msgsend.sendmessagefile function call

0.1 [2004-09-10]
- send message with ckeck if mail.warn_on_send_accel_key==true
- choosing default identity when bouncing news message
- progressbar on statusbar is working
- adding progressbars per every treeItem when sending
- marking mails which failed to be sent with red color in bounceTree
- using cmd_mailredirect* commands 
- after successful send window is closed
- created extension icon and added em:iconURL tag to install.rdf
- do not allow to send when recipients list is empty
- improved XUL GUI

0.0.7 [2004-09-03] (not released)
- done: "bad non-iso8859-1 characters encoding in resent-to and resent-from"
  note: available since thunderbird 0.8 (bug in 0.7.x versions)
- added toolbar button
- removing temporary files
- removed typo in permission string while creating FileOutputStream
  (maybe it will solve problems under linux..)

0.0.6 [2004-08-31]
- done: "if item in threadTree right-clicked and tried to be bounced,
  extension refers to selected mails instead right-clicked one"
- done: "redirect menuitem should be unavail when no message is 
  selected (like other menuitems from Message menu)"
- added mail-icon before subject in bounceTree
- added item to MessageMenu
- improved xul overlay
- done: "enable possibility to fcc or not a message -- prefs settings"
- done: "for 1 recipient it works; for more doesn't - investigate"
- choosing identity depending on mail chosen to redirect
- vk_return in listbox AddressingWidget adds no new rows
- reported to work under mozilla mail client -- thanks Tomas

0.0.5 [2004-08-23]
- bounce command is unavailable when in offline mode (i suppose, what
  SendLater code won't handle this (it modifies Messaged-Id, etc..))
- bounce-pref.xul works
- VK_ESCAPE close window
- ctrl-B combination works and doesn't in offline
- extension name change from 'bounce' to 'mailredirect'
- added em:updateURL in install.rdf

0.0.3 [2004-07-30]
- first public release

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