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Fri Apr 21 09:08:15 2006 UTC (13 years, 9 months ago) by krzesniak
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- (?) when there is problem with connection (going online with unpluged cable) _stopMeteors is invoked (by setTimeout(500)) earlier than onstopsending event comes (nsMsgSend.cpp:3418 - Fail() before NotifyListenerOnStopSending()).

- prompt dialog asking about passwords shows on top of mail3pane and should on top of mailredirect window
- handle failed fcc action
- cmd_redirect should be disabled (like reply/forward) when viewing attached mail or not if bug #224967 will be fixed

- redirect with striped attachments

- ?allow adding your own headers (e.g. Resent-X-Face:) to redirected messages?

- (?) sometimes in SMTP session messages are sent with SIZE=0 attribute, which cause errors
- (?) redirecting sometimes fails without reporting error
- (?) redirect command disabled (while being online)

? (!!) add status flag to redirected msg - partialy solved.
? add mailredirect action to filter rules  (bug #11034)

by rkarlsen:

- The title icon of the MailRedirect windows is the Mozilla dragon. I guess it
should be the MozillaMail icon. [HELPWANTED]

based on MsgComposeComands.js and addressingWidgetOverlay.js from

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