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<div class="maf-column-contents">
  <h2 class="page-header">Screenshots</h2>

  <h3>Saving archives</h3>
  <img src="images/saveExample.png" alt="">
  <p>Saving multiple pages in a single file is fast and easy, using MAF with
   Multiple Tab Handler.<p>
  <img src="images/saveAsDialog.png" alt="">
  <p>You can save both MAFF and MHTML archives.<p>
  <img src="images/multiSaveDialog.png" alt="">
  <p>Even without Multiple Tab Handler you can select which tabs to save from
   a handy selection window.<p>

  <h3>Viewing archives</h3>
  <img src="images/viewArchive.png" alt="">
  <p>You can open archives like any other type of saved page. The name of the
   archive appears in the location bar. All the images in the page are saved
   correctly, thanks to the integrated Save Complete extension.</p>

  <h3>Viewing information about archive contents</h3>
  <img src="images/browseOpenArchivesDialog.png" alt="">
  <p>The <i>Browse Open Archives</i> dialog lets you view information about the
   archives that you opened in this session.</p>

  <h3>Customizing the look and feel</h3>
  <img src="images/toolsMenu.png" alt="">
  <p>By default MAF is integrated with the standard <i>Save As</i> dialog, and
   additional commands are available from the Tools menu.</p>
  <img src="images/prefsDialog-paneInterface.png" alt="">
  <p>You can place the MAF menu items where you feel comfortable, and hide
   them if you don't need them.</p>

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