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 <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->  <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
<h5 class="page-header">Screenshots</h5><div class="maf-column-contents">
   <h2 class="page-header">Screenshots</h2>
 <p>Below are some screenshots of the MAF extension.</p>  <p>Below are some screenshots of the MAF extension.</p>
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   </td>    </td>
   <td>    <td>
Browsing an open archive. Archive 1, some pages from slashdot.org.Browsing an open archive. Archive 1, some free software related donation pages.
   </td>    </td>
 </tr>  </tr>
Line 40  MAF allows the user to save all the open Line 41  MAF allows the user to save all the open
 </tr>  </tr>
 <tr>  <tr>
   <td>    <td>
Shows the additions to the file menu allowing the user to open an archive, save the current page in an archive and save all the open tabs in an archive.Shows the addition to the context menu allowing the user to save the current page in an archive.
   </td>    </td>
   <td>    <td>
 <a href="images/shot4.png"><img src="images/small-shot4.png" border="0"/></a>  <a href="images/shot4.png"><img src="images/small-shot4.png" border="0"/></a>
Line 48  Shows the additions to the file menu all Line 49  Shows the additions to the file menu all
 </tr>  </tr>
 </table>  </table>
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