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 <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->  <!-- MAIN CONTENT -->
<div class="maf-column-outer maf-even"><div class="maf-column-outer">
   <h2>Features of Mozilla Archive Format</h2>    <h2>Features of Mozilla Archive Format</h2>
   <div class="maf-column-left">    <div class="maf-column-left">
    <div class="maf-column-contents maf-feature-list">    <div class="maf-feature-list">
 <img src="images/screenshot-appMenu.png" alt="" class="maf-left">  <img src="images/screenshot-appMenu.png" alt="" class="maf-left">
 <div class="maf-feature-text">  <div class="maf-feature-text">
Line 61 Line 61
     </div>      </div>
   </div>    </div>
   <div class="maf-column-right">    <div class="maf-column-right">
    <div class="maf-column-contents maf-feature-list">    <div class="maf-feature-list">
 <div class="maf-feature-box">  <div class="maf-feature-box">
   <h3>Simple yet powerful</h3>    <h3>Simple yet powerful</h3>
Line 131 Line 131
 <div class="maf-feature-box">  <div class="maf-feature-box">
   <h3>Popular and widely used</h3>    <h3>Popular and widely used</h3>
   <p>Mozilla Archive Format is used daily by over 50,000 people. In case    <p>Mozilla Archive Format is used daily by over 50,000 people. In case
   something doesn't work as you expected, you can ask for support in the   something doesn't work as you expected, you can <a href="feedback.html">ask
   <a href="feedback.html">MAF mailing list or newsgroup</a>, where the   for support</a>.</p>
   developers and the most experienced users may reply to your questions.</p> 
 </div>  </div>
     </div>      </div>
   </div>    </div>
 <div class="maf-column-contents" style="clear: both;">  
 <h2>More information</h2>  
 <p>For a detailed explanation of how you can leverage all the features of the  
  Mozilla Archive Format add-on, see the <a href="documentation.html">user  
 </div>  </div>

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