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<h2>Features of the MAFF file format</h2>
    <p><b>Store web content in a single file</b></p>
    <p>The various files required to view a saved page as it appeared on-line
     are saved together, and cannot be separated by accident.</p>
    <p><b>Store multiple independent pages in the same archive</b></p>
    <p>For example, all the open tabs can be saved in a single file.</p>
    <p><b>Based on the ordinary ZIP / JAR format</b></p>
    <p>The ZIP format is supported natively on many modern operating systems.
     The contents of MAFF archives can be accessed using any ZIP extraction
     utility. The support files that are saved along with the main web page can
     be easily separated and inspected, in their original form, while preserving
     the advantages of storing the related content in a single archive.</p>
    <p>Web pages in MAFF files are compressed, not encoded, with the result of
     the archive being often much smaller than the original web content.</p>
    <p><b>Suited for video and audio files</b></p>
    <p>Compression can be used selectively for text files but not for already
     compressed content. This allows most multimedia formats to be opened
     without uncompressing the entire file first. For example, this enables
     seeking instantly to the middle of a video, either stored locally or
     remotely available through a streaming source.</p>
    <p><b>View using the jar: protocol</b></p>
    <p>Even without add-ons, browsers based on Mozilla technology are able to
     display the contents of MAFF archives natively, using the <tt>jar:</tt>
    <p><b>Store metadata about the saved resources</b></p>
    <p>MAFF archives contain metadata like the original location from which the
     page was saved, as well as the date and time of the save operation. The
     presence of this additional data is indifferent to ordinary ZIP extractors,
     but may allow the browser to perform operations like:</p>
      <li>Opening the original page instead of the archived copy while
      <li>Enabling off-line navigation between pages in different archives</li>
      <li>Refreshing the archive contents with the latest on-line version</li>
      <li>Asking web services like the Internet Archive about the page at the
       time it was saved</li>
    <p><b>Store arbitrary extended metadata</b></p>
    <p>Archives may include the browser's scroll position in the page, text zoom
     level, and more.</p>

<h2>Technical details</h2>
<p>More information about the MAFF file format can be found in the
 <a href="maff-specification.html">MAFF specification</a>.</p>


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