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  <p>The Mozilla Archive Format add-on is no longer maintained since
   <b>September 5, 2018</b>.</p>

<h2>Historical archive of the Mozilla Archive Format add-on</h2>
<p>While the Mozilla Archive Format add-on is no longer maintained, the
 <a href="">final
 version</a> released in 2018 can be installed offline on <a
 href="">Firefox 56</a> to
 <a href="documentation.html">convert saved pages to other file formats</a>.
 Using outdated software can result in security vulnerabilities and may corrupt
 user profile data, hence this procedure should only be followed by experienced
 users on a separate computer that is not connected to the Internet.</p>
<p><a href="">Previous versions</a>
 of the add-on and their <a href="changelog.html">changelog</a> are also
 available as a historical archive. Some versions of the add-on can only be
 installed on pre-release versions of Firefox after disabling the signature
 requirement. The XPI packages contain the original source code as well as
 information about which Open Source and Free Software license applies.</p>
<p>The Mercurial version control repository can be downloaded with the
<pre>hg clone</pre>


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